Betting for Bungy Swings

Back in 2007, Casey and I took a backpacking* trip to New Zealand. At the start of the trip, I casually mentioned to Casey that we should try bungy jumping, since New Zealand is the birth place of bungy jumping. Invoking standard best friend procedure, Casey opted for the “just ignore her” rule. Unfortunately, she didn’t realise how persistent I can be (silly, Casey). By the end of our trip, we negotiated a solid pact. If I rode a horse (aka my personal bungy jumping fear equivalent), Casey would jump off of ledge in New Zealand.  Outcome: See above.

*I have to use the term “backpacking” loosely. We had backpacks, but we made a deal with Casey’s parents who were extremely generous in sponsoring us (i.e. paying for the entire trip) to stay in hotels. So we traveled with our backpacks through the best five star hotels in New Zealand. I’m still not sure how that happened, but I’m going for it.

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