Life Lately

Happy Friday! I thought I’d shake up my  summer posts (read: I’m traveling and haven’t had time to write a long post). I saw this “Life Lately” or “Currently” blog posts on a couple other blogs and thought I’d try it out. Hope you enjoy!
Currently ReadingA Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.
Currently on my nightstandmilk and honey by Rupi Kaur. Most definitely not the best night time reading because Kaur captures deeeeeeeeep themes through her poetry. Think: violence, abuse, love, loss, femininity, feeling broken.
Currently RecommendingCork Dork by Bianca Bosker. A non-snobby account of the distinctly snobby (and cah-rah-zee) world of Sommeliers. A must read for any one who drinks wine.
Currently Bloglovin’My Name is Yeh by Molly Yeh. Molly chronicles her life from her college years studying percussion at Julliard, pizza Fridays in Brooklyn to her most recent move to a beet farm in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It’s a food blog- and the recipes are awesome…a lot of nods back to her Chinese-Jewish heritage with a Midwest twist, but my favorite part is her distinctive, written in all lower case, language. Her tales of Eggboy – her husband- and her seven chickens all named macaroni are absolutely delightful.
Currently Listening toKhalid on repeat.
Currently Commuting toPlanet Money on NPR. My parents and I listened to this episode on transporting bee hives to California on our recent drive up from DC. Eye-opening to say the least.
Currently Shocked by: These two op-eds by Sunny Singh and Yasmin Khan. Must read before or after seeing Dunkirk the movie.
Currently Eating: Frozen Ikea Swedish Meatballs because I have not gone grocery shopping in a hot second.
Currently Craving: Luchi + Chorizo con Huevos. You have not lived till you’ve tried this Bengali-Mexican (Bexican? Mex-gali?) breakfast combo.
Currently Drinking: G’s super special Margarita. Hint- use agave syrup instead of Triple Sec.
Currently Bookmarking in YelpBelly in Williamsburg. Two words: Bacon Omakase.
Currently Wearing: Yoga Pants (duh) & my favorite Everlane t-shirts  ($15).
Currently LovingSephora’s Instant Moisturizer + Cream – full credit goes to S for this recommendation during an impromptu sleepover last month.
Currently Procrastinating: Learning how to code. A must for work, but squeezing in online lessons is…just not happening.
Currently ExploringCalder: Hypermobility exhibition at the Whitney.
Currently Reminiscing aboutWine tasting in the Finger Lakes with my high school bestie + her Scottish hubby + our Glaswegian super friend + G last week.
Currently looking forward to: Paris in T-17 days. Recommendations necessary.


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