Things I Ate & Loved: Kolkata Edition

I’ve been traveling to India almost every year since I was born. My main activity- besides hanging with the fam- is eating. Actually, hanging with family means that you are eating because you show your love with how much you eat. The problem is that all the best food is hand made by my didas (grandmothers) with love. But after this last trip, I knew it was time to share some of my favorite dishes and restaurants from my home away from home.  I hope you enjoy. – A



IMG_56841. Dosa and Idyl at Ram Krishna Lunch Kitchen

IMG_8183* I ate the momos so fast that I forgot to take a photograph. But the wall art is amazing!

2. Momos at Momo I Am

IMG_80263. Mishti at Mithai

IMG_6375This is actually my mom’s biryani.

4. Biryani at Arsalan

IMG_80945. Dumplings at Tiriti Bazar

IMG_81966. Chingri Malai Curry at 6 Ballygunge Place

IMG_81307. Luchi anywhere, anytime

IMG_8209.jpg8. Shutki Mach by Dida ;)

9. Kati Rolls (Not Pictured)

IMG_611110. Chaat

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