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ABOUT Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the ultimate city for wandering, offers a treasure trove of culinary delights, especially the best South Asian dishes, and an abundance of charming cafes/pubs. Indulge in the must-try delights of Scotland, including flavorful Indian dishes, savoring scones with luscious clotted cream, relishing fried delicacies, sipping a smokey scotch Scotch , and treating yourself to a traditional Scottish Breakfast. Don’t miss the opportunity to try Haggis with a delectable whisky cream sauce.


My top choices:

Old Town for history buffs and cobblestone enthusiasts

Grassmarket for pub-hoppers and boutique lovers

New Town for those seeking elegance and retail therapy. Take your pick and dive into the lively spirit of this enchanting city!

No matter what Edinburgh is a very walkable city.


Clarinda’s Tea Room

This is my favorite place for afternoon tea in Edinburgh. It’s not fancy. But they make hot fresh scones every day, and the atmosphere feels like you’ve wandered into an Scottish living room.


If you are looking for a fancy tea, you must try Prestonfields. It’s away from the main part of Edinburgh, so you feel like you are taking a trip in time to a Scottish manor. The scones are okay, but the desserts are mouthwateringly delicious. 

Balmoral Tea 

If you want to stay in town, the Balmoral has an excellent afternoon tea. It’s in the center of town

Mosque Kitchen

The BEST Indian food ever for really cheap and large portions.

 Kampong Ah Lee (on South Clerk Street) it looks like nothing from the outside, but is delicious, it’s BYOB, get the roti.

It’s one of the many places where JK Rowling wrote Harry Pottery in Edinburgh. In the backroom, there is a phenomenal view of Hogwarts, I mean the Castle. No money goes back to JK Rowling as we do not support her anti-trans beliefs.

This is my favorite Scottish bar. It’s not very fancy (the complete opposite in fact)— but they have great Scotch and live music. 

What to See

Edinburgh Castle

This is THE iconic spot of Edinburgh with incredible views of the city, and centuries of Scottish history. Definitely visit, but if you’re short on time, you can skip the museum part.

Prince’s Street Gardens

There is a lovely art gallery and a beautiful side view of the castle

Royal Mile

Stroll along this historic street, packed with charming shops, traditional pubs, and notable landmarks like St. Giles’ Cathedral and the Palace of Holyrood House.

Arthur’s Seat:

Another spot for incredible views of Edinburgh. The hike isn’t crazy difficult – many do it after spending some serious time at the pub.

Calton Hill:

Ascend this picturesque hill for panoramic views of Edinburgh’s skyline, adorned with stunning architectural gems like the National Monument and Nelson’s Monument.

Dean Village:

Step back in time in this quaint and picturesque neighborhood, known for its charming cottages, tranquil waterways, and leafy surroundings.

Surgeon’s Hall Museum

This is a super random and weird museum, but one of the coolest museums. It was originally created for Medical students– and contains some fascinating artifacts.

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