• Our Living Room Reveal – A Before & After
    Given my favorite internet guilty pleasure are home renovation #beforeandafter shots, I thought I’d share our FIRST almost complete DIY reno project- our living room!
  • The Strange Reality of Post-Vaccine Life
    When the pandemic first started, I use to dream about post- vaccine life. It mostly consisted of being able to hug my friends and family, and enjoy a meal inside a new restaurant.  I never imagined that the reality would come with so much guilt.  Back in late March, Gabriel and I were lucky enough… Read more: The Strange Reality of Post-Vaccine Life
  • Life Lately // March 2021
    March Madness is real. There was a lot of Work, Hobby, and Personal wins, and a LOT of exhaustion.
  • Reflections from an AAPI-er
    ​I wanted to take the time to properly address last week’s shooting and try to find the “right” words to express my thoughts. But there are no right words. It’s just a lot of confusion and anger and sadness.
  • Best Board Games for Every Occassion
    Want to play a board game, but don’t know where to start? Look no further, here is the a list of the best board games for all occasions
  • Life Lately // February 2021
    February lately has been all about domestic bliss. Check out what we did during G’s Birthday month.
  • Happy Birthday, G!!
    It’s G’s birthday! Since we’re stuck at home, I thought I’d reflect back on our previous celebrations! What a time.
  • Japan Travel Diary
    Today marks exactly one year since G and my last international trip. And what an epic “last” trip it was. For our belated honeymoon, we decided on an epic trip to Japan. Though reports of Covid-19 were trickling in, around the same time the CDC was cautioning against wearing masks (lolz), we felt confident. I… Read more: Japan Travel Diary
  • Our Living Room Reveal – A Before & After
    Given my favorite internet guilty pleasure are home renovation #beforeandafter shots, I thought I’d share our FIRST almost complete DIY reno project- our living room!
  • Life Lately // January 2021
    Hello 2021. I think we fit a year’s worth of events into a single month. It’s been filled with both good and bad politics, and a lot of nesting. Check it out.
  • New Year, New House!
    It’s a new year, so that means…. new house? Wait what? Yes, it’s true. G and I traded in our renters for life attitude and bought our first house.
  • Life Lately // December 2020
    It’s the last Life Lately of 2020. This year I gave up pants with buttons, a busy social life, and took a 30 day meditation course in 94 days. Not too bad for 2020.
  • Life Lately // November 2020
    It’s time for another Life Lately post– about Life in the Time of Corona! November 2020 was a historic month- Biden/Harris won, I got to be on a podcast with my mom, and G & I masted the art of the Linzer Tart.
  • Celebrating Durga in the Time of Corona
    Tonight we start celebrating Durga Puja, and reflect on importance of celebrating Durga, and human dignity, during Covid-19.
  • A Historic Vote Was Cast Today
    Today was the first time ever that I got to vote for a woman of color. Not just on a presidential ticket. Ever. And it mattered!
  • How to Make Big Impact — From Home — this Election Season
    The world may be a dumpster fire, but you don’t have to feel (completely) powerless. Here are 5 Things I’ve done to try and feel a little bit better about the upcoming Election!
  • A Reaction to What’s Happening in the US: Racism, Protests & Being a (better) Ally
    I don’t have the right words to express how I’m feeling or thinking about what’s happening in the US right now. But I also don’t want to be silent. Staying silent in this case is to support a system of racism that continually oppresses black Americans.  Like many, I woke up last Tuesday to see… Read more: A Reaction to What’s Happening in the US: Racism, Protests & Being a (better) Ally
  • The Two Email Newsletters I Read Every Day
    Need help distilling all the world’s headlines. Check out the two newsletters I read every day, and some others
  • How to Help West Bengal after Cyclone Amphan [Updated]
    Do you want to help West Bengal after the heartbreaking devastation of Cyclone Amphan. Here is a list of 5 vetted charities you can donate to.
  • Distracting Link Loves // 5.19.2020
    The post where I try to distract you with lots of feel good links, while the Coronavirus (and bad politics) rages outside.
  • The Best 2 Player Board Games
    Until I met G, I thought there were only two types of board games: childhood games, like Monopoly or Life, or the scarily complicated #geektastic games, like Dungeons & Dragons. Thanks to G, who has diligently researches like nobody’s business, we’ve played a plethora of fascinating games. Given we are staying inside, I thought I’d share some of our favorite 2-player games. These are the ones we toss in our carry-on last minute as well as the ones we pull out on a particularly rainy day. Right now, playing board games has been one of the best distractions of the whole pandemic. A very special thanks to G for finding all of these games, and being the best partner (in life and when we play games.) He always finds the coolest gizmos and gadgets, and now I can add games to that list.
  • Life Lately // April 2020
    It’s time for another Life Lately post– about Life in the Time of Corona!
  • The Watch List: Quarantine Edition
    Figuring out during a pandemic is a complex task. It can feel trivial, insensitive, borderline asinine to worry about what to watch when millions of people are suffering. Yet, there is something undeniably appealing about being able to escape into the memories of another time, where social distancing and disinfectant don’t rule.
  • Distracting Link Loves // 4.8.2020
    The post where I try to distract you with lots of feel good links, while the Coronavirus (and bad politics) rages outside.
  • All the (Virtual) Art
    One of the few upsides of my quarantine is that I’m trying to take at least five minutes a day to explore different art pieces. Back in the day, I was a major #artnerd, but that passion faded to the background in recent years. I thought I’d put together an evolving list of my favorite art finds. Here is my starting list.
  • Life Lately // March 2020
    It’s time for another Life Lately post– about Life in the Time of Corona!
  • Finding a Happy Place
    That article where I try to distract you with lots of feel good links, while the Coronavirus (and bad politics) rages outside.
  • Life in the Time Of The Coronavirus
    My thoughts and opinions on the Coronavirus. Please STAY SAFE, STAY INSIDE and remember to always WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! <3 Aheli
  • Link Love: 03.10.202
    happy tuesday! I’m currently on week 2 of our self-quarantine, which means I’ve had a lot of time to work, and putter about online. I thought I’d put together a list of all the articles that have been “bookmarked” as must read. Because the world is a dumpster fire right now, it’s a mix of fun and serious pieces. I hope you enjoy. And remember kids, always wash your hands for more than 30 seconds!  <3 A
  • Life Lately // January and February 2020
    I’m beginning to suspect that every Life Lately post starts with me confused on how fast time flies. You’d think I’d know by now how it works, yet every (other) month when I sit down to write this post I’m still astounded. Well surprise surprise. Here we are on March 4, and I’m still wondering… Read more: Life Lately // January and February 2020
  • Life Lately // December 2019
    Is it me or did December just fly by? I suppose that happens at the end of the year, when you’re scrambling to finish that last work project or checking yes on every party invite to score free holiday treats. Is that last one just me?  It started with an incredible dinner with three of my *idols* from college. I say idols because these three women are #careergoals. They have these incredible careers, healthy perspective on life (and good eats), and inspire me in my own job. We typically meet up once a month, usually after an alumnae/I event, and each time reminds me to surround myself with people that are passionate about their careers or hobbies. This power dinner was followed by six holiday parties, some business related and some food related. Of course, there was far too much fried food and bubbles – just the way I like it. 
  • Link Love: 12.17.2019
    happy tuesday! I’m currently on route to sunny Austin, and I’ve never been more excited for domestic travel. Despite having made 9 trips to San Antonio, Texas in the last 5 years, I’ve never made it to the “weird” city of Austin. We’ll be there for 36 hours, so I’m pretty much planning on binging on all the tacos, bbq and doughnuts I can with a side of tourism! Feel free to check out the ‘gram (@aheliwanders) for more consistent updates! In the meantime, here are some of the latest good reads from internet land. enjoy. <3 A
  • New Blog, Who This?
    Okay, new blog is a stretch. It’s the same blog but with a very cool new design. Despite an eight month absence from the blog, my social media apparently picked up a bunch of new followers. I thought this might be a good time to re-introduce myself and the blog. Also, my lovely husband spent the weekend clearing up space on my laptop so I spent that time re-designing and writing future posts. Stay tune for more Aheli Wanders – A
  • Life Lately // November 2019
    We’re back with a new Life Lately from Aheli Wanders.
  • #TB to those Dublin Adventures
    Oh Those Hostile Experiences Originally Posted in 2014 One of the joys of studying abroad is spending those first couple of days acclimating to your new home, taking in all the new sites and customs, then taking the first available cheap plane, train or automobile to the next destination. As a study abroad student in… Read more: #TB to those Dublin Adventures
  • Link Love // 03.17.2019
    Happy Sunday! It’s been a busy but super exciting/productive work week with nine meetings across three states (NYC, Northern Virginia and DC). With the long travel time, I found a bunch of articles that I thought you might enjoy. Cheers, A   Learn the Secrets of the World’s Greatest Art Thief GQ: Stéphane Breitwieser robbed… Read more: Link Love // 03.17.2019
  • Life Lately // February 2019
    Yikes. It has been a while since my last Life Lately. And Life Lately has been moving at at the speed of light. [Insert obligatory Ferris Bueller / Back to the Future references here because I am always going to be an 80s kid] February was an incredible month. Not only was it G’s birthday… Read more: Life Lately // February 2019
  • Gabriel’s NYC Birthday Weekend Recap
    Last weekend, we had an epic four day (possibly ongoing…) birthday celebration for G. And  y’all I’m ONE STEP CLOSER to getting G to celebrate his birthday WEEK which is basically TWO steps away from BIRTHDAY MONTH. (Or is it four steps? I’m only on my first green tea of the day so the caffeine… Read more: Gabriel’s NYC Birthday Weekend Recap
  • 5 Essentials to Rock Your Kitchen
    It’s no secret that I’ve been a recent convert to cooking. I blame New York and it’s mysterious “it’s cheaper to order take-out food than grocery shop” culture. Since moving to Brooklyn and gaining a human size kitchen and access to THREE, yes you read it, THREE grocery stores, I have become semi-obsessed with cooking.… Read more: 5 Essentials to Rock Your Kitchen
  • Life Lately // October 2018
    Hello Everyone! HAPPY Election Day. I hope that everyone is wearing their “I Voted Stickers” proudly. As predicted October was a wonderful and busy month. I started the month off celebrating with my old college friends at a classic West Village haunt: Frankie’s 457 Sputino.  We continued the celebrations with my first ever Florence and… Read more: Life Lately // October 2018
  • Diving into Durga Puja- Recap
    Shubo Bijoy, everyone.  Today is the last day of Durga Puja. I thought I would re-blog a post I wrote last year about this incredible holiday. – Aheli     ***************************************************************************   This past weekend, I traveled back to Connecticut to celebrate Durga Puja– a jubilant multi-day celebration of the hindu goddess Durga. I’ve been attending… Read more: Diving into Durga Puja- Recap
  • Life Lately // September 2018
    Hello Everyone! Brrrr. It’s cold in here. *** Mentally starts improving the chorus from Bring It On *** But seriously, it is definitely Fall in Brooklyn. I’m currently huddled around some tea (no surprise), wearing several layers and debating whether to acknowledge the cold by turning on the heat. Hint: I am in denial.  It’s been… Read more: Life Lately // September 2018
  • Life Lately // August 2018
    Hello Hello! Greetings from Peru. I just landed after a (hopefully) amazing flight to Puerto Maldonado, where I’ll be spending the next three days wandering around the Peruvian rainforest. I actually wrote this life lately earlier this week so that I would make it on time. A quick month recap:I spent the whole month in… Read more: Life Lately // August 2018
  • Life Lately // July 2018
    Hello Hello! Do you want to find out all about the things I ate & did, and loved this July. Check out my latest Life Lately.
  • New Year, New Goals – Updates
    Back in January, I publicly announced to the blog world that I had three goals for 2018. Now that it’s the sweltering heat of July, I thought it might be a good time to check in and see how they are going (or in some cases, not going).   The Goals Make More Interesting Plans… Read more: New Year, New Goals – Updates
  • Life Lately // June 2018 Edition
    Hello! It’s me again. It’s been a while but I promise I had a very good excuse. It was BIRTHDAY MONTH! My favorite time of year! Despite the typical negative connotations, I truly think of birthday month as way to indulge in quality time with loved ones and actually doing the things I love: eating,… Read more: Life Lately // June 2018 Edition
  • The 3 Newsletters I Read Every Morning
    Back in the day, I would start every morning off with a hot cup of cha and by reading the New York Times cover to cover. Sigh, those were the good old times. Now, I’m lucky if I manage to read the front page of the NYT, or more likely their daily briefing. Enter: the… Read more: The 3 Newsletters I Read Every Morning
  • Life Lately // May 2018
    Happy End of May, everyone! I’m back in Brooklyn after an incredible ten day vacation through South Africa. This was seriously one of the most adventure packed trips I’ve taken: game drives, penthouses, discos, wine tasting, and more soberingly important, an incredible visit to Robben Island. Once I finish with the mountains of work waiting… Read more: Life Lately // May 2018
  • My Spring Bucket List
    It may have been the longest delayed winter, but it’s finally Spring. That means gorgeous weather and a LOT of plans to be made. I’m not a huge “resolutions” person, but I do like to keep lists of all the things I’d like to do and travel to. I thought I’d share my Spring/Summer Bucket… Read more: My Spring Bucket List
  • (P)inspiration Fridays
    A couple of weeks ago, Victoria McGinley did a super interest post on the images that inspire her. She pulled from old pins, to instagram posts to Tumblr links. She started with one image, and then click through the rabbit hole to see what she’d find. I too have thousandsof pins, and thought I’d copy… Read more: (P)inspiration Fridays
  • Life Lately // April Edition
    Hello There, Happy May. I’m a bit behind in posting but I promise I have a good excuse. I finally invested some couch time to updating the blog. Expect some cool new changes to the website coming…soon? ** crosses fingers** So life lately has been a series of highs and lows. In the highs category, I had the… Read more: Life Lately // April Edition
  • Sunday Lately // April 8, 2018
      The flight over to SFO. This instagram post actually got re-grammed by Jet Blue 🙂 The Most Perfect California Oranges This is my favorite Sandwich in the whole world. No Joke.   Some Scenes from our recent hike in the Red Rock Canyons Happy Sunday Everyone. So not to brag but I had the… Read more: Sunday Lately // April 8, 2018
  • Life Lately // March Edition
      Hello Friends. What are you up to this weekend? If you celebrate, I hope you have a happy Easter and Passover. Tomorrow, I leave for another trip to San Francisco and Las Vegas. Can I just say- for a non gambler/smoker/clubber, I’m weirdly excited for Vegas. Seriously! Ever since we started our company, my… Read more: Life Lately // March Edition
  • Sunday Lately // March 11, 2018
    Hi Friends!   How was your week? I had a rare Sunday morning to myself so I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds from the week. Thanks to the “thunderstorm” — that’s an official weather term for a snow storm with lightening and thunder— I spent the first three days of the week… Read more: Sunday Lately // March 11, 2018
  • Life Lately // February
    Welcome to my monthly “Life Lately” reflections, where I chronicle things I did/ate/drink and liked.  I’ve never been much for diaries (short attention span!), but I do really love looking back on these monthly lists. This month has been a series of ups and downs. Work-wise, it’s been a tough month. We got our first… Read more: Life Lately // February
  • Weekend Review | Ski Bunnies, Berkshires & Birthday Surprises
    ERMAHGERD* it’s G’s birthday! Okay, it was actually on Sunday. But we spent all weekend celebrating (because G doesn’t do birthday months**…yet), and spent last night adulting aka laundry and grocery shopping. So really this was my first chance to pay a bloggy tribute to my favorite bae, boo, super special man friend who I… Read more: Weekend Review | Ski Bunnies, Berkshires & Birthday Surprises
  • Ode to Super Bowl Monday
    So did you catch the game last night? Last night, G and I threw our annual* Super Bowl Potluck. I love the Super Bowl. Which is hilarious because I’m not a big football fan whatsoever.  I grew up in Connecticut, where we don’t have a single professional sports team (RIP Hartford Whalers). I’m not ashamed… Read more: Ode to Super Bowl Monday
  • Life Lately // January 2018
          I think Roz Chast’s New York Cartoon sums it up best. Unlike the end of the year which flew by faster than an African swallow (bonus point to anyone who got to Monty Python reference), January took FOUR-EVAH to finish. This isn’t to say that it was a bad month. In fact, minus the week I… Read more: Life Lately // January 2018
  • New Year, New Intentions
    This is a bit late but: Happy New Year Everyone. I actually wrote this post back in Kolkata with every intention of publishing it on Jan 1. And then life, travel and honestly really good Bengali food got in the way. But there is no time like the present to talk about New Year goals… Read more: New Year, New Intentions
  • Life Lately // December Edition
    Happy Almost New Year Everyone. Is it me or does it feel like December… actually all of 2017 just flew by? These last four weeks have been filled with so much love, fun, and travel. In the last couple of weeks, I got to see my parents & a best friend in NYC (separately), threw… Read more: Life Lately // December Edition