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This is a bit late but: Happy New Year Everyone. I actually wrote this post back in Kolkata with every intention of publishing it on Jan 1. And then life, travel and honestly really good Bengali food got in the way. But there is no time like the present to talk about New Year goals and resolutions.
New Year, New Goals
 Looking back, I think we can all agree that the world in 2017 was stressful AF. Every day seemed to bring a new brand of “ugh” with news of natural disasters, terrible policies, sexual harassment scandals, racist incidents and an upward trend in hateful rhetoric. Never have the words “self-care” and “social media detox” meant so much to me. Personally, though, 2017 was an incredible year. I had a couple of major milestones, both professionally and personally. I’m not a huge fan of New Years resolutions- I mean we all know we should chose the gym over Netflix marathons— but I did want to take a moment to look back on some of things I accomplished and thing that I’d like to work on in 2018.
The Look Back: 3 Things I’m Proud Of from 2017
I think all too often we set “goals” and “to-dos” without taking a moment to celebrate what we have accomplished. I know that I personally don’t focus on the things I do well…and instead berate myself for things I ought to have done. Actually, I started writing this post about things I need to do better in 2018….
1. Maintained Aheli Wanders
I have to start here with my blog. It’s taken many forms since its inception in 2007- from travel blog to infrequent journal to recipe holder and part-time memoir. Last year, I set a goal: a post a week on whatever topic I could think of. The only rule was not to obsess or re-write a post too many times. I’m incredibly proud that I met my goal. Writing has become such a wonderful way to reflect and unwind.
2. Embraced Minimalism (and cut down on my unnecessary spending/hoarding)
Moving into a 700 square foot (admittedly gorgeous) apartment with two small closets that you must share with your wonderful roommate/partner definitely forces you to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Over the past year, I’ve gotten rid of over fifty articles of clothing and bought exactly twenty new pieces (most of which replaced items that I wore often but were badly damaged. Previously, when I got rid of an item, I felt the need to immediately buy something new. The lack of closet space and the fact that I was enjoying spending more money on quality pieces rather than cheap pieces revolutionized my spending habits. I obviously still have room for improvement, but I’m pretty proud of “buy better, buy less” motto. Also, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that the majority of the items that I “get rid” off actually just go to my parent’s place. (THEY ARE THE BEST). Another goal for 2018 is to actually get rid of more.
3. Traveled More (for Fun)
I travel a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I spent 35 weeks of 2017 in a different city. Most of it was for work, but this year G+I (unintentionally) made it a priority to travel more. We started the year in Tampa and then made trips to: London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Belgium, the Finger Lakes, Montreal, Paris, the Maldives, San Antonio and India. With each trip brought new adventures, new memories and most importantly, new restaurants to recommend.
Looking Forward: Things to Build On
1. Cut Down on Technology
Can I blame my fancy-smancy iPhone for this? Every morning without fail, I wake up to check my text messages, email, WhatsApp message, Instagram, New York Times, instagram again because it always updates, and end with facebook. Sometimes, I waste about an hour in bed just scrolling through useless information. This year, I will try to cut down on useless technology and social media binges.


2. Make More Interesting Plans
I live in one of the greatest cities in the world. Yet, without fail, I end up grabbing a “dinner & drink” with friends to catch up. This year, I’m making it a priority to take more advantage of what Brooklyn/NYC has too offer. We’ve signed up for a BAM membership, and I’m starting to bookmark different gallery events. Any suggestions for interesting NYC area events would be greatly appreciated 🙂


3. Say “No” More
I have a terrible problem saying “no.” Seriously, at the end of 2017, I was the  was the co-chair of my college alumnae group, a board member of a non-profit, a volunteer leader for my tax program, sat on four different committees…all while running a business, managing a relationship and managing to binge-watch multiple Netflix shows. By 2017, I started to ween off some of the groups. I’m hoping in 2018, I can continue to continue the “extra” and only do projects (and activities) that truly matter to me.
And that’s it for now. Happy Weekend everyone.

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