• Everything I Read in April 2021
    April was the month where I read three of my favorite books: a stunning short story collection, a attempted bank robbery turned accidental hostage situation, and memoir that transform your culinary awareness.
  • Everything I Read in March 2021
    A Western about a gang of female outlaws! Books on negotiations and micro-businesses! March reads were different and fun.
  • Everything I Read in February 2021
    This month’s reading was fun of fun and challenges. Check out what I read in February.
  • Everything I Read in January 2021
    It may be a very very short list, but this month’s reads were exceptional. Check out what I read in January.
  • My Favorite Books of 2020
    2020 was a year marked by distracting lowbrow thrillers and some incredible stories of the multi-faceted layers of love and loss. Check out my favorite reads of 2020- from deeply insightful thrillers, to thoughtful tales of war and conflict, to old favorites.
  • Everything I Read in 2020
    What did I do with all my new found pandemic free time– read 86 books. Yes, they were mostly cheesy thrillers, but it sure was fun.
  • Everything I Read in May 2020
    Despite “extra time” at home, it was hard to focus on reading during the first month of quarantine. Check out the books that got me back in the reading groove. It’s a good mix of suspenseful thrillers to philosophical guides.
  • Everything I Read in April 2020
    Despite “extra time” at home, it was hard to focus on reading during the first month of quarantine. Check out the books that got me back in the reading groove. It’s a good mix of suspenseful thrillers to philosophical guides.
  • The Book Mark // Everything I Read in 2019
    When I started writing my last book post, I initially was worried that I didn’t read enough to merit a “favorite books” list. While I’m active in my building’s book club, I didn’t think I had enough time to read anything beside the Buzzfeed listicles. (And my daily Morning Brew & beloved NY Times). Well, it turns out I did read. I read quite a bit in fact. 64 books to be precise. I’m not sure whether to be proud or ashamed, or a little bit of both. I thought I would put together the complete list of all the books I’ve read this year. I’m including everything- the good, bad and definitely embarrassing – Amazon Unlimited- I’m looking at you for your terrible (in a shamefully good way) suggestions. I hope you enjoy, and maybe get inspired for next year. I know top on my list is to read more works by people , specifically women, or color. Would love to hear what your #readinggoals are! Share in the comments below. – A
  • My Favorite Books of 2019
    Wow- what a year in reading. While it’s not quite the end of the reading season, a quick Goodreads calculations tells me that I’ve crossed the 60 books read mark. As holiday season approaches, I thought I’d share some of my favorite books from the year. As always I recommend with a side of tea (or something stronger if the holidays are just that crazy.   Enjoy. – A
  • the book mark | my favorite guilty pleasures
    Hello Book Lovers. It’s time for my last book post for 2017. So far we’ve covered summer reading, brain books, my favorite whodunnits, and the best […]
  • the book mark | five books for foodies
      Given that 99.9% of this blog is devoted to food, I’m not sure why it took me four months to put together a list of […]
  • “A” is for Apple Picking
    Over the weekend, G and I ventured out of the city to the spacious apple orchards of Fishkill, NY. Surrounded by the other “leaf peepers”, we […]
  • the book mark | top 5 ‘whodunnits’
    It’s October, which means two things: Fall & Halloween. For most, that means curling up in cozy sweaters, venturing (and then obviously instagramming) into an apple […]
  • the book mark | 10 books to disrupt your life
    There is a difference between a good book and a book that disrupts your life. Life disrupters do not need to be some estoteric, written in Latin, brain […]
  • the book mark | books i read & liked this summer
    When I’m not pursuing, researching or consuming food (and you know, actually doing my job), I love to sit curled up on my couch— or on top […]
  • Meet the Parents
    Most people worry about the first time they meet their significant other’s parents. I get it, first impressions can be rough. For me, I wasn’t worried […]
  • Leaping Over Luggage and Other Legacies: An Ode to Dr. Arindam Purkayastha
    As some of you know my grandfather Anjan Kaku Dadu* passed away last month after a four year battle with cancer. I was in the process […]
  • Racing Grandmothers in Kashmir: 2011
     People watching- everyone does it though not everyone admits it. I love that feeling when you’re sitting in a street-facing café or stuck at a crowded […]
  • Lost in Spain
    **** Like most kids, I had* an unwavering faith in my parent’s ability to do and solve anything. It didn’t matter if I was playing our […]
  • Introduction to Swans: Edinburgh 2009
    In September 2009, I joined the Edinburgh University Boat Club Senior Women’s team with the impression that I was joining the ranks of some of Scotland’s […]
  • Getting “Lost” In Bangkok
    Lost in Bangkok: I think Mindy Kaling put it best when she wrote in ” …I guess I’m just one of those weird kids who likes […]
  • World Cup Madness: A Look Back at South Africa
    It’s been a while since my last post.  This past month has been filled to the brim with my first college reunion, a business trip to […]
  • South African Service
    Airplane travel- you either love it or hate it. In the States, I feel most passengers default to the small victories like free check-in luggage or […]
  • OH! Kolkata!
    Greetings back in rainy, old New York. It’s hard to believe that only a couple of days ago I was sitting at a kitchen table enjoying […]
  • The Quest for Chili Garlic Prawns
    Tomorrow I’m heading to India for some much needed R&R and some even more necessary Bengali food.* India, especially to Kolkata, is one of my favorite […]
  • The Girl at the Viennese Opera
    It’s Oscar night in New York City.  For the past couple of weeks, the storefronts of all Fifth Avenue stores have been adorned with the shiniest, […]
  • Oh those Hostile Hostel Experiences: Dublin 2007
    One of the joys of studying abroad is spending those first couple of days acclimating to your new home, taking in all the new sites and […]