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This is scary. It’s been a full eight months since I last posted. But you don’t want to read through the apologies and explanations. Just know that I’m back, and have some pretty fun blog posts coming in the near future.

Let’s start off with my absolute favorite series life lately, where I re-cap the latest things that I love. It may be December 6, but I want to start with November aka @remote.rhode‘s birthday month. And what a month it was. I started the month of in gorgeous Phoenix, playing with the cutest corgi pupper, named Bailey. Can we please all agree that Corgi puppies are the cutest puppies? For some reason I really relate to their adorable short legs. Also, real talk- I think Phoenix is becoming one of my favorite cities to travel to for business. I’m not sure if it’s their incredible food (hello Middle Eastern Bakery) or the beautiful weather, but I’m sold on this desert city.

Following PHX, I spent a glorious week in Brooklyn – my first full week since August of this year. I of course got sick because #life, but I also made the best bolognese of my life, so I think it cancels everything out. Mid-November, at peak exhaustion, I took a weekend trip out to NJ to hang out with two of my friends from College. And man, can I tell you. When you are at peak exhaustion, hang out old friends. It is miraculous. Yes, there were two puppers in the mix. We spent the weekend, hiking in the woods, eating copious amounts of food (duh), candle making, and generally relaxing. It was so re-invigorating. It was a good thing because I spent the next two weeks traveling between  Boston and Brooklyn, first for a meeting/mom’s birthday and then for THANKSGIVING.

Readers of this blog know that I LOVE Thanksgiving. Yes, it’s a holiday that whitewashes the brutal bloody history of American colonization, and often perpetuates racist stereotypes of Native American. I recommend this medium article on decolonizing Thanksgiving on specific ways to combat the ugly side of Thanksgiving.

That said, I love celebrating my modern Thanksgiving. Every year, we have a hodge podge of random people — aunts, uncles, my mom’s international students, neighbors, friends. The guest list changes every year, but the celebration is always amazing.  This year my Brooklyn aunt recommended that all twenty of us go around the table to say what we were thankful for. Every single person, whether it was their first thanksgiving or fiftieth, talked about their love of family, friends, the support, the gratitude of health. In a room full of Americans, Turks, Ethiopians, Bengalis, Gurajtis, and Texans, the theme was the same. It was very humbling. Also the food was amazing.


Life Lately: November 2019

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