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freestocks-org-596381-unsplashHappy Sunday!

It’s been a busy but super exciting/productive work week with nine meetings across three states (NYC, Northern Virginia and DC). With the long travel time, I found a bunch of articles that I thought you might enjoy.

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Learn the Secrets of the World’s Greatest Art Thief

GQ: Stéphane Breitwieser robbed nearly 200 museums, amassed a collection of treasures worth more than $1.4 billion, and became perhaps the most prolific art thief in history.

The Top-Secret Feminist History of Tea Rooms

JStor: This article explores the feminist history of “tea rooms” and how they became a “hotbed() for women seeking systemic social change” during the Prohibition area. I’m including this obviously because of my love of tea and feminism.

The New ‘Dream Home’ Should be A Condo

NYT: Every year the National Association of Home Builders presents its vision for the American “dream” home. In this NYT article, take a look at how the ideal “dream home” went from McMansion to Condo.

“Long overlooked by science, pregnancy is finally getting attention it deserves”

Washington Post: As one of my best friends is having her first child, I’ve found myself shocked by the “backwardness” towards pregnancy & maternity/paternity leave. I highly recommend this read for a Sunday “brew” session.

Easy Bagel Recipe

Skinnytaste:Do Healthy Bagels exist? Can you easily make bagels at home? I saw this recipe floating around instagram and facebook, and just bought the ingredients. I’ll keep you posted if this works out or not!


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