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Happy End of May, everyone! I’m back in Brooklyn after an incredible ten day vacation through South Africa. This was seriously one of the most adventure packed trips I’ve taken: game drives, penthouses, discos, wine tasting, and more soberingly important, an incredible visit to Robben Island. Once I finish with the mountains of work waiting for me, I’m going to write an epic post on our various excursions. In the meantime, please enjoy G’s incredible drone photo at Clifton Beach in Cape Town.

This month felt incredible long. I started the month in Massachusetts, playing tennis, baking bread (!), and hanging out with my parents. The middle weeks were filled with Excel spreadsheets, packing lists, and finally achieving a proper crow pose during my 9AM yoga class. Wrapping up the month in South Africa was a dream. A dramatic contrast to my seemingly stagnant work/life schedule in the US. Every day brought new experiences, new foods and excellent memories. But I suppose that is what all vacations are suppose to do. While May was wonderful, I can’t WAIT for June. (Hint Hint: it’s Birthday Month!) Expect a lot of color, sparkles and exclamation marks in all upcoming posts #sorrynotsorry. Wishing everyone the best! – A

Life Lately: May 2018

Currently Eating: Salad, Salad and More Salad

Currently Craving: Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken with extra garlic sauce

Currently Drinking: Aperol Spritz

Currently Reading: An American Marriage

Currently Recommending:  Pachinko

Currently Watching: Ali Wong : Hard Knock Wife

Currently Podcastin’ to: Fresh Air

Currently Sweating to: Vinyasa Yoga

Currently Playing: Threes

Currently Traveling to: Orlando, FL

Currently Dreaming about: Cape Town

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