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Back in the day, I would start every morning off with a hot cup of cha and by reading the New York Times cover to cover.

Sigh, those were the good old times. Now, I’m lucky if I manage to read the front page of the NYT, or more likely their daily briefing.

Enter: the Inbox newsletter.

Thankfully there are people out there that spend all their time culling through all the news- real and fake– and distill into into manageable summaries. Over the years, I’ve subscribed to no less than 10 newsletters a day so I can feel somewhat informed and manage to have an actual life. I thought I’d share what’s coming into my inbox right now. Feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments below. Cheers, A

3 Best Inbox Newsletters

The Daily PNUT:

This is a wonderful newsletter for individuals who want to know what’s happening outside of the States. I used to be a religious NYT reader, but I can’t read the political coverage without ruining my morning. (It’s not them, it’s the political scene). The Daily PNUT provides good short summaries of both US and International News. They also recently shared a google doc with their recommended books.

Recommended for: Peoples who have the Guardian or BBC as their homepage.

Morning Brew:

I recently started subscripting to the Morning Brew, a morning newsletter geared towards “everything business.”  The Morning Brew provides small, yet insightful blurbs, summaries and interviews to help you know what’s happening in the [business] world. My favorite part is the brain teasers and puzzles that they include in the bottom of every newsletter.

Recommended for:  People who work in Enterprise Startups/ Startup Land, and those who need a quick summary but don’t want to read FT or other Finance newspapers

Need 2 Know

This is my newest subscription of the three. This morning email digest distills political, pop cultural, sports and business news into an easy-to-understand and relatable (read: simple) summary. You won’t feel intellectually stimulated, but it will give you a good quick overview. Plus, the team selects a hilarious tweet to tack onto the end so you can start your day off with a laugh.

Recommended for: People who used to like theSkimm, but got turned off by its weirdly gendered language. 

Other Contenders:

Now I Know: This shares “all sorts of interesting things” from history lessons to human biology theories to crazy stories. Yesterday’s newsletter focused on drunk birds.

Invision: A most have for any designers, product managers or people interested in design.

NextDraft: Dave Pell is a internet news junkie. Every morning, he personally curates a short summary of the day’s ten most fascinating news stories. This is an industry favorite used by many people, including the daily show people.

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