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A couple of weeks ago, Victoria McGinley did a super interest post on the images that inspire her. She pulled from old pins, to instagram posts to Tumblr links. She started with one image, and then click through the rabbit hole to see what she’d find. I too have thousandsof pins, and thought I’d copy the exercise. I hope it brightens your day… or at least your blog feed. – A

I found this picture by Autumn Goodman while randomly scrolling through blog templates. I found the photo again in a search flower crown pictures on Unsplash.

 The colors, the alignment, the contrast are simply perfect. 

Another photo, another Autumn. This photo is by Autumn Studio, taken in Keong Saik Road in Singapore. “We were roaming the streets of Singapore’s Chinatown with no particular destination or agenda in mind. Turning into an alley along Keong Saik Road, we saw this vibrant mural and couldn’t resist snapping a picture. Created by Singapore artists who go by the moniker ‘Ripple Root,’ this wall is so vibrant and definitely adds to the area’s buzzing good vibes.”

Not one of elaborate names, this is “White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose” by Mark Rothko made in 1950. This is a quintessential Rothko- multi-form style with several layered blocks of complimentary colors. It’s fascinating that this simple painting sold for 72.84 million dollars and still holds the record for the most expensive post-war work of art sold at auction. And here, I thought this was just a pretty painting.

This is a 18 x 24 acrylic on paper, created by Jenny Andrews-Anderson, an Atlanta based artist. I had this pin for YEARS. When you visit Jenny’s website, she’s largely transition to paintings of bowls and irises, but her color matching is unreal.

 I realize there is definitely a theme. Clearly BRIGHT, LOUD, and COLORFUL are my go-to pins. If you like this, you can always check out my Pinterest boards. Otherwise, have a wonderful rest of your Friday!


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