Sunday Lately // March 11, 2018


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Hi Friends!


How was your week? I had a rare Sunday morning to myself so I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds from the week. Thanks to the “thunderstorm” — that’s an official weather term for a snow storm with lightening and thunder— I spent the first three days of the week not leaving my apartment. This was honestly was the BEST thing after eight straight weeks of traveling. It meant I had a lot of time for work (hi boss dude) and getting distracted by the Internet. Also, I had to pack for my trip to San Antonio & Las Vegas, which meant I had to be very productive doing anything but packing. It still alludes me that I can travel this much and still not be good at packing quickly. Any one else with me?  But I digress, I found a lot of fun stuff and wanted to share. Hope you have a great weekend.


Besos- A
Remembering Nakesha Williams: 
This story really hit me. Nakesha Williams had everything going for her- former honor student, full scholarship to Williams College, avid reader- yet somewhere along the line things went horribly wrong as she drifted into homelessness. Her story exemplifies how hard it is to confront homelessness. Even though Nakesha had an extensive support network- friends, former college advisors, social workers, stangers— trying to help her, her mental health issues prevented her from seeking help. This sobering read personalizes this situation, begging the question” what can we do for individuals in these seemingly helpless situations?”
Have you heard about Brandless  There mission is all about complete transparency to cut out the BrandTax and markups of popular national brands you find in your standard big name store without cutting down the quality?  I haven’t bought anything…yet… but I’ve always been


Anchovies on Toast:
Last week, we took a quick subway ride over to Crown Heights to test out Camillo— the newest “Roman Obsession” according to Eater. Named about Count Camillo Negroni- the inventor of — you guessed it— the NEGRONI, this restaurant specializes in pinsas. What is a pinsa you ask? It’s similar to a pizza, but not. Oddly enough, my favorite part of the whole meal was the Anchovies on Buttered Toast.


Absolutely Delicious:
Thanks to the Thundersnow, I ended up started a new documentary on Netflix called “Ugly Delicious.” Each episode is, as the Guardian describes it, “ a crash course in narrative juxtaposition and micro-sections a history lesson on Viet-Cajun fusion food here, an exposition on barbecuing courtesy of Noma’s René Redzepi there. But the message is reassuringly simple: the inelegant, ungainly and downright dangerously calorific is just as important as a three-Michele starred chef’s latest dizzying complex concoction.” Don’t eat on an empty stomach.


The Perfect 5 Minute Meal:
 I ended up cooking a lot this week. Partly because I was home and partly because I wanted to get rid of all the food in my refrigerator before I left for a week of work travel. The best part- I figured out a new 5 minute meal. I’ll do a full blog post later, but grab some spiraled zucchini (or noodles), and vegan Kale, Cashew & Basil pesto from Trader Joe’s. Stir fry on a pan, and add chopped cherry tomatoes. Best of all, you can substitute pretty much everything- don’t have zoodles, grab noodles. Don’t have cherry tomatoes, add those frozen peas you’ve been saving for months. Just try to stock up on the pesto. Simple, easy and filling.

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