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ERMAHGERD* it’s G’s birthday! Okay, it was actually on Sunday. But we spent all weekend celebrating (because G doesn’t do birthday months**…yet), and spent last night adulting aka laundry and grocery shopping. So really this was my first chance to pay a bloggy tribute to my favorite bae, boo, super special man friend who I absolutely did not chose because he can get things off the high shelves.
This year, I planned a surprise birthday get-away to the Berkshire Mountains.  I used to go there when I was a kid, mostly to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum and eat my weight in farm-raised food (before farm to table was the cool thing to do). So when I found an epic hotel + ski pass promo for Hotel on North and Jiminy Peak, and an awesome car rental company ***,  I knew this would be the perfect combo of adventure and relaxation. I hope you enjoy my little diary of our weekend escape.
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G’s Super Special Surprise Birthday Weekend
The surprise starts with our fancy-smancy rental
Dinner at Fireside BBQ. 
Not pictured, me DEVOURING those ribs.
Hipster Keys at our awesome Hotel. The details in this place were unreal!
Relaxing after the long drive
This super cool Instagram worthy lobby! Seriously, the whole hotel is SO dreamy.
Day 2 is our SKI DAY at Jiminy Peak.  Obligatory Ski Pics below.
Apres Ski with some delicious food at Eat on North- our hotel’s restaurant. You can’t see it, but the bread on the right is covering up the baked garlic…SOOOOO yummy.
Day 3: G’s BIRTHDAYYYYYY! Breakfast in (the) Bed(room!)
Post-breakfast, G researched and found two epic spots.
First, we visited Edith Wharton’s home — the Mount-– and saw how this brilliant and hard-working woman wrote some of her masterpieces, like House of Mirth.
Then we went down to Great Barrington for some EPIC salad and pizza at Baba Louie’s.
Post lunch, we were full but needed some candy from Robin’s Candy Store. This place is amazing. They have ALL this incredible candy — including Vintage Style Pop-Rocks— and Robin personally gives you a tooth brush to make sure you don’t ruin your teeth. That’s winning in my book.
After a breezy 3 hour drive back and super simple car return. G + I went up to Times Square to his favorite movie theatre to watch Game Night — surprisingly good btw— and finished the weekend with some Shack Shack. An amazing end to an amazing weekend in honor of my favorite AMAZING human.
* So I had to google how to properly spell this word, and let me tell you. The internet takes defining words seriously. According to Knowyourmeme.com, Ermahgerd is a rhotacized pronunciation of “oh my god.” People, I had to look up a word from a site called “Knowyourmeme.com!” I feel humbled here.
** Anyone who knows me knows that I LUURVEE birthdays. There is something magical about getting to #treatyourself and overindulge in the funfetti department. And while I love my birthday (ahem, month), I LOOVVVVEEE to celebrate my nearest and dearest’s. So when I got the iCAL reminder to start planning G’s bday, I was…stumped. Seriously. The last three birthday celebrations have been epic and set the bar WAAAAY to high. First it was the secret Japanese speakeasy in an old Andy Warhol studio, then it was a magnificent trip to Cartagena. And don’t get me started on last year, when his two college friends planned the ULTIMATE birthday celebration with a self-driving Tesla car ride through multiple Napa wineries. The boy is spoiled. Hehe. Hopefully, this one made the top four list 😉
*** I am literally obsessed with SilverCar. Renting a car in New York is miserable. You either have to shlep up to an airport or go to New Jersey. It’s expensive, time-consuming and weirdly difficult. I think maybe New Yorkers LOVE their city SO much because they can’t easily leave it. Anyways, I found this super cool company called SilverCar that rents out silver Audis. Fancy Smancy, right. But like all super trendy start-ups, they are very affordable, waive traditional car rental nonsense — like tolls, gas surcharges etc), and they usually have awesome promos. This is not a #ad, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a city with SilverCar- I would HIGHLY recommend it. Also, if you use my promo code —BOVTAHZQ–, you and I can get $25 off.


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