Things I Ate, Drank & Loved: Paris Edition


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True fact: I would happily spend an entire trip to France eating just bread. No butter. Just warm, long pointy, baguette parisienne. Sure, I’d be happy to add in some stinky roquefort  or a nice spicy saucisson. But honestly, I could eat baguettes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  In fact, when I was a kid, I’d visit my family in Montreau and make a constant request for bread. I made the request so much, my grandfather asked my parents if I actually like the food they were cooking. After that, my parents put a swift end to the constant bread requests and I happily moved onto better things like “stinky cheese” and “patè.” Last year, G + I took a 5 day trip to France, where we basically ate our way through the Paris and the Burgundy region. I thought I’d share some of my favorite food pictures.Quick tip: if you’re planning a trip, drop the frantic trip advisors searches and just wander around. My favorite meal was an impromptu restaurant while waiting for our Airbnb to open up. I hope you enjoy.


Eat With Master Chef: Jean Yves 

Tea with a View at Carette‘s

Scones at T’Cup
Fresh Prawns
Escargot at William Fèvre in Chablis
All the Melty Cheese in France
Avocado Toast at Juice Lab
Steak Tartare at Place Unknown
Dessert at La Pharmacie
Quintessential Views with Jamon & Baguette
Obligatory Tourist Shot

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