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happy tuesday! I’m currently on route to sunny Austin, and I’ve never been more excited for domestic travel. Despite having made 9 trips to San Antonio, Texas in the last 5 years, I’ve never made it to the “weird” city of Austin. We’ll be there for 36 hours, so I’m pretty much planning on binging on all the tacos, bbq and doughnuts I can with a side of tourism! Feel free to check out the ‘gram (@aheliwanders) for more consistent updates! In the meantime, here are some of the latest good reads from internet land. enjoy. <3 A

What Happens when you give $1,000 to 10,000 poor families?

WP: What happens if when you randomly give $1,000 to 10,000 poor families in rural Kenya with no strings attached? A first-of-its-kind study, conducted by researchers from Berkeley, Princeton, and the University of California at San Diego, found that the cash benefits benefited the entire local economy, and not just the direct cash recipients. Moreover, the researchers found, over a 5 year period, that work increased, that there was no increase on temptation goods (booze, cigarettes) and that therewas no significant inflation on local goods.

I highly recommend reading the actual study published here.

The Baltimore Museum of Art will Only Acquire Works from Women Next Year

Baltimore Museum or Art (BMA) Director Christopher Bedford, announced that next year (2020) the BMA all artwork – paintings, sculptures, ceramics- will be created by a woman. “This how you raise awareness and shift the identity of an institution,” Bedford said. “You don’t just purchase one painting by a female artist of color and hang it on the wall next to a painting by Mark Rothko. To rectify centuries of imbalance, you have to do something radical.” Bedford’s announcement comes along side other initiatives across the country, including NYCs MOMA, in re-thinking their displays to challenge racism, sexism and more.

Similar Reads: NYT: The New MoMa is Here. Great Ready for Change.

How Women Succeed 

I have always endorsed having a personal board of directors, a group of mentors, supporters and advisors focused on your career. In this Forbes article, Bryn Mawr College president talks about who women are more likely to attain executive leadership positions if they have an “inner circle of predominately female contacts.” Cassidy talks about  how having a  “female-dominated inner circle can help a woman to gain initial opportunities and also help to sustain a successful career.”

Intimations of an Ending: The rise and rise of the Hindu Nation

This Caravan article, by Arundhati Roy, captures the increasingly problematic erosion of a secular India. Roy looks back at BJP Prime Minister Modi’s ascent to power and the expansion of Hindu Nationalism. A long, but powerful read. For those of you not following what’s happening in Kashmir & India, I highly recommend. (Thanks Monika for sharing this with me).

Another good long read is: Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India 

Five Reasons Why Labour Lost

It’s been a devastating month (year, lifetime?) in politics. Between Assam, Kashmir,  Brazil, and SO many more countries, it’s been devastating to watch Brexit unfold. This Guardian article examines how labour lost. As an American, I watched this with a direct lens to what will happen in Nov 2020.

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