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Greetings from chilly Brooklyn where I’m currently sitting cocooned in a sea of blankets and sipping a cup of hot early grey tea. It’s currently 4:30AM and I’m suffering from a seemingly incurable bout of jet lag. Not that I’m complaining (completely). Jet lag has turned me into a functioning morning person. I’ve gone to early morning Pilates classes, knocked off worked projects before the sun rises, and have generally felt like a real adult. And even though this happens after every trip past the Atlantic, I can never seem to keep up the routine. The allure of that snooze button becomes too great after a week of being a morning person. I thought I would take advantage of the early hours to write this month’s Life Lately post. Can you believe that it’s December 1st tomorrow? Where did the month go? Actually, where did this year go?Hope that you are all ready and excited for this year’s Holiday season. I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ll are up to!

Cheers, A


Currently Eating: G’s super special chili. I’m still hoping that one day he’ll let me share the recipe so everyone can enjoy this super tasty (and reasonable healthy) chili. (Hint: It involves coconut milk)

Currently Craving: BCD Tofu House‘s Soon Tofu Soup. Because it’s winter and I like warm things.

Currently Drinking: Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey Tea.

Currently Bookmarking: Celestine– purely for the Brooklyn Bridge views.

Currently Re-Reading:  Murder on the Orient Express. This is one of those books that I re-read every couple of years. This time, I re-read it because of the new movie release. I didn’t care for the movie (no one who has ever seen the David Suchet version of Hercule Poirot could) but the story itself is still marvelously cheeky.

Currently on my Nightstand: A Gentleman in Moscow. I started this back in April and it’s been sitting on my night stand ever since. Don’t get me wrong. It’s interesting but it seems like the type of book that you need to consistently dedicate a couple hours to. And, I haven’t had that type of time. Maybe over the holidays?

Currently Recommending: Movie Pass. Back in August, we signed up for MoviePass, and to say it’s completely transformed our movie theatre going experience is an understatement. For a set fee, ($6 – $10) you can see a movie a day in the majority of theaters. Given that NYC movie tickets are $15, it’s a steal. I’m not sure how MoviePass is making money or how they will sustain this business model, but I’m not questioning it (too much).

Currently Watching: Stranger Things 2 . I know, I know. It was released over a month ago. But G+ I have been so busy (and can’t watch it without each other) so we just finished it yesterday.

Currently Making: Holiday Potpourri from Half Baked Harvest. Every holiday season, I bookmark about a hundred links to make our apartment smell like the inside of log cabin filled with apple pies. I never do it. But, this feels like the year.

Currently Listening to: Imogen Heap. #tbt

Currently Loving: Sunrises + Sunsets. The only good thing about the early darkness winter hours.

Currently Visiting: Yayoi Kusama: Festival of Life exhibit at David Zwirner’s Gallery.

Currently Reminiscing About: The Maldives. Best vacation EVER. Post-coming soon!

Currently Traveling Through: Brooklyn –> San Antonio –> Brooklyn –> Kolkata

Currently Looking Forward To: the holidays.

Monthly Recap from the blog:

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  • This bookworm slash food lover finally got her act together and made a list of “Five Books for Foodies“. It’s a mix of fiction and non-fiction (and the one rare cookbook) suggestions.
  • Craving something healthy but yummy? Try Chrissy Teigen’s Pork Stuffed Cucumber Soup. I did, and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

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