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I’ve officially lived in Brooklyn for over a year, which basically makes me an expert on all things Brooklyn. And now somewhere a hipster just fainted. Probably because his pants were too tight. Or because his handle bar mustache finally revolted back to the late 19th century where it belongs. But I digress. Since G & I take way to many pictures of food (much to the deep mortification of my Brooklyn bestie who is actually a Bklyn expert, Tay), I thought I’d share a food guide on the TOP TEN restaurants that I’ve tried in the last six months. Please do not read this on an empty stomach. No seriously, I wrote this on an empty stomach and now I’m binge-eating trail mix and defrosted Ikea meatballs. Not the best combination.



Things I Ate & Loved in Brooklyn 

Malted Pancakes at Sundays in Brooklyn. Yes that is a square of butter.


Sushi at  Taro Sushi


Breakfast Sandwich  Norman– I would eat this every day.

Hot Dog at Nathan’s. Modeled by my friend Geraint. he’s a singer. You should follow him. 

Bee Sting Pizza (Off menu) at Roberta’s

Mussels in Williamsburg. Specifically Traif. I want a bath sized version of the broth.

Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake at Ovenly . So they just opened down the street from me. I have real problems.

My fav ramen outside of LIC at Chuko 

The best plain pizza that you may have to wait 4 hours but its BYOB so there’s that.  Lucali 

Things I Ate & Loved in Brooklyn [List]

Malted Pancakes at Sundays in Brooklyn

12 piece sushi omakase at Taro Sushi

Breakfast Sandwich with no cheese and extra bacon at Norman

Hot Dog at Nathan’s 

Bee Sting Pizza at Roberta’s

Green Lip mussels, shallots, celery, bacon, white wine and fresh horseradish at Traif

Brooklyn Blackout cupcake at Ovenly

Pork Bone Ramen at Chuko 

Pizza at Lucali 

Whole fish at Glady’s

and in case you need a visual reference, here’s a google map of all my suggestions.

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  1. caitlin Avatar

    Definitely evoked some food envy over here. I’ve got my eye on — also, try Paule Gee’s if you haven’t 🙂

    1. ahelisays Avatar

      I’ve been meaning to try Paule Gee’s! Next time Thea has a rooftop party?

      1. caitlin Avatar

        Excellent idea

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